The Crafty Kids Philosophy

A to Z

Arts and craft are a primary and irreplaceable mode of fine motor skill development.

Boys and girls enjoy crafts equally when they are given the opportunity to explore their interests.

Children have an innate sense of the beauty and finality of a completed project.

Developing art and social skills through crafting is empowering for children.

Encouragement and praise is integral to nurture children to take creative artistic risks.

Finishing a craft project provides children a sense of accomplishment and improves confidence.

Gender inclusive crafts allow children to embrace their individuality and help develope imagination.

How children create is more important than what they create.

It is important to encourage free expression of a child’s imagination even if it changes the original plan.

Just explaining to a frustrated child what a beautiful oops is can change that child’s life.

Kids should be spelled with a K, not Crafty.

Little caring gestures speak louder than words to show caregivers their children are in good hands.

Messy hands are a rare but much needed experience for kids growing up in the city.

Nurturing a child is the joy and primary goal of any good teacher.

Opportunity for conversation fosters conflict resolution skills, social skills, and self-expression.

Providing unstructured play time decreases the stress in a child’s life.

Quiet environments are sometimes what children want. Optional background music allows kids to choose.

Ruse, reduce, recycle.

Social skills development does not happen naturally and needs to be nurtured in small-groups.

Teaching art techniques in small doses allows children to learn art basics in fun, enjoyable, low pressure ways.

Using unique materials fosters creativity and outside-the-box thinking.

Variety is the spice of life and children benefit from trying new things.

Weekly themes help children focus and learn. They are fun too!

Xylophones, dolls, pots and pans, legos, trains, and other free play toys help children explore their own interests.

Young children thrive in a less structured environment.

Zebras, dogs, and caterpillars are adorable creatures to craft.

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