Origins of The Crafty Kids

Stacey Kurylo, Ph.D. was always into art and taught herself various art techniques such as mosaic-making, scrapbooking, stained-glass, and jewelry-making. After she had her children, Anastacia and Lincoln, she decided to use her new skills to create original craft projects for their birthday parties. Having been a college professor for 15 years, she was used to working with young adults but quickly realized she had a knack for working with young children too. When her friends started asking her to create craft projects as entertainment for their children’s birthday parties, Stacey had an idea. Using her expertise in communication from her academic carreer, Stacey developed a business model that married her communication training and self-taught love of art to work with children and foster their social skill and artistic development. The Crafty Kids was born.

Born and raised in Lower Manhattan in the Financial District, now lovingly called FiDi a burgeoning family community, Stacey knew there was no place else she would rather open her business. She started her business in her home creating crafts with children and quickly outgrew that space. The Crafty Kids now has its own art studio where children of all ages enjoy learning art techniques and creating fun crafts in The Crafting Hour, during After School Playdates, and at Parents Night Out and Mini-Camps. These days Stacey shares her custom-designed crafts with children all over the city at large public events, not-for-profit fundraisers, and big and small birthday parties!

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