My Dream Catcher, My Dreams Craft Kit

This dream catcher craft kit was designed and donated by The Crafty Kids with the help of volunteers from and space donated by P.S. 397 The Spruce Street School in lower Manhattan to benefit the 626 children affected by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

The process of creating is empowering. Creating a dream catcher in particular empowers children to make something that allows them to have control over their dreams. This is particularly important for those who have undergone a traumatic experience. Art therapy allows children to have a physical and nonverbal outlet for their concerns, stresses, fears, and frustrations. According to Native American tradition, the dream catcher should be suspended above the bed preferably near a window. Its web attracts dreams. Bad dreams are caught within the web and disperse in daylight. Good dreams pass through the web to its center and gently slide down the dream catcher’s feathers to the person sleeping below.

Download the instructions in pdf format here.

Craft Kit

The craft kit comes complete with all components necessary to create and decorate the dream catcher. No additional materials are needed.

Dream Catcher

A white cardboard frame guides young children to weave the thread through the dream catcher easily. The frame is big and sturdy for small hands.


Embroidery floss with ends taped neatly are firm enough to travel smoothly through the dream catcher holes. Children as young as three can thread the dream catcher, albeit with some assistance for the youngest children.

Beads & Feathers

Bright beads of various materials, colors, shapes, and sizes serve a functional and decorative purpose hiding the tucked in ends of the feathers and looking pretty too.


An eclectic and fun selection of stickers, varying from one kit to the next, evoke earth, water, and sky. Coupled with the circular shape of the dream catcher these stickers symbolize the hopeful energy and vibrancy of the life cycle.


Crayons provide children the opportunity to use their own ingenuity and imagination to decorate the vast white space on the dream catcher. The process helps to empower the artist to take further ownership of the dream catcher and inspires the title of this project: My dream catcher. My dreams.

Finished Product

With the loving and patient attention of a child, each dream catcher craft kit produces a unique and intimately personal embodiment of the artist who creates it. Like children, no two dream catchers produced from these kits will be alike.


Patient, artistic, ambitious, or older children can extend the craft beyond the kit itself by using additional crafting resources available in their home to embellish as they like.

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